Branding & Corporate Identity

Branding can drastically improve recognition. We can help you design a professional logo that will capture the attention of your target audience. Building a desirable image can support advertising and create a definable impression of the products and services you offer. At Lemon Tree Media, we create an identity that is 100 percent focused on your customers.

Branding Strategy Services:

  • Company Logo Design
  • Merchandise Logo Set Design
  • Visual Identity Guide
  • Printed Publicity Design

Web Design and Development

A website gives you 24/7 digital presence. Tell the right story and capture the business of your target customers with our team’s help. Gain far-reaching information about how potential clients react to the data on your site’s offerings by tracking and analyzing site traffic.

Lemon Tree Media’s web development services cater to brands at any stage. Our web development team can help you create a new website or make an existing site better. If your current website is underperforming, we can conduct a detailed audit and help you improve the site’s architecture, design, and responsiveness.


Mobile Application Development

Every app is designed, prototyped, built, hosted, deployed, managed and maintained by Lemon Tree Media using an iterative development process. As a result, there is no requirement for or impact to IT staff or infrastructure.

Our solution includes:

  • Delivery of a managed mobile app with up to 10 or 20 screens or fully custom
  • Both Android and iOS versions included for either phone or tablet
  • Integration to up to 8 back-end services
  • 1 iOS and Android OS upgrade per year
  • Managed cloud hosting with app and platform support
 Search engine optimization

Social Media Marketing

Social media’s popularity in the online world has spurred successful businesses to change how they use brands in developing positive relationships. Companies that do not utilize modern advertising methods available through online social sites such as YouTube and Instagram are missing the opportunity to put their brands in front of millions of viewers.

Social Media Services:

  • Social Strategy Development
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Community Engagement

Search Engine Marketing

More than 60 percent of website traffic starts with a search engine query. Pay-per-click marketing, commonly known as “PPC,” puts your brand at the top of search results for queries relevant to your brand and audience. This increases the number of potential customers from targeted groups who find your website.

Pay-Per-Click Services:

  • PPC Strategy Development
  • PPC Research
  • Campaign Setup
  • Turnkey PPC Campaigns
  • PPC Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Billions of web browsing sessions every day begin with a search query. With more than 1 billion websites worldwide competing for the top spot in search results, it can be difficult to drive traffic to your site from search engines. Lemon Tree Media specializes in an innovative approach to SEO that uses white-hat tactics to put your website at the top of your target audience’s searches.

SEO Services:

  • Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO
  • Full SEO Audits
  • SEO Consulting
 Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Do you need fresh, up-to-date content for your business? Do you have the right authors for the job? Whether you need blog posts, product descriptions, or technical content, our authors provide unique content that will capture your users’ attention and increase your search engine ranking.

Content marketing is the practice of creating high-value content for a target audience to attract and engage them. It should be a core component of every business owner’s marketing strategy. When companies provide consistent, valuable information to their customers, they build brand loyalty and drive business.

 Content Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Promote your brand with micro-influencer marketing on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Influencers are real people with a substantial social media network who post your content for their followers. This targeted audience consumes the content and can interact with it through likes, shares and more. Each Facebook or Twitter post can have a specific CTA and drive prospects anywhere—to a website with more information or a landing page with a special offer. Our influencers are vetted and chosen with care and their posts are made from within our partner’s platform to ensure quality and provide reporting. This service is best for campaigns that do not require geographic targeting for your campaigns.

 Content Marketing

Mobile Advertising

Our mobile ad service helps your company reach a nearby audience with a geo-targeted mobile ad campaign. From design to reporting, we handle all aspects of your mobile ad campaign and makes mobile advertising easy.

Mobile advertising services:

  • Effectively reach nearby potential customers
  • Access to more than 100 billion mobile impressions per month
  • We design and code the landing page and banner ad for you
  • Receive a report that details impressions served each month